Money for postgraduate research is limited. Financial support from the government should only be used for scientific research, not the less useful research .To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Money:funding for, funds for, budget for 

Limited: freezed, fixed, insufficient

Financial support from the government: the government budget, government spending, government expenditure

Used for: allocated to 


Postgraduate research cannot proceed with government funding, and the findings of scientific research can lead to innovations which affect our daily lives. I agree that government support should focus on science, although some non-scientific projects are equally important.

There are numerous postgraduate research projects competing for public resources. It is reasonable to give priority to science, even though some projects in other domains deserve public spending as well. 




A投资科学研究 B减少污染C保护环境


A   投资人文学科  B 更加了解文化 C 文化传承


A财政支出只针对于科学研究,其他(文学、教育、艺术)领域发展滞后   B 大学教学质量下降   C 影响学生全面发展


A 医学研究也很重要   B 帮助人们解决不治之症   C 延长寿命


a 一些作用小的实验,只是还没有被认可b 当实验成果被认可时,会对社会产生巨大的改变c 政府应该投入一些作用小的实验


A. 资金有限;B. 科技进步方便人们生活;C. 资金投资到科学研究而非没那么多用处的研究。


A 政府的钱都用于科学研究 B 一些理论基础学科不能很好的发展 C 也会阻碍科学研究的发展




A经费用于科学的研究 B研究的发现可以促进科技进步 C提高人们生活质量







A 投资科学研究  B 数据和成果可以帮助私营企业盈利  C 提升经济






A 投资某些重要的人文学科项目  B 更加了解社会的发展 C 有助于政府决策



解释(why C is a benefit): 政府有钱,才可以进一步资助科研项目


In conclusion, I would support the idea of concentrating effort on scientific research, but it is not sensible to withdraw funding from all research projects in non-scientific subjects.


Postgraduate research cannot proceed with government funding, and the findings of scientific research can lead to innovations which affect our daily lives. I agree that government support should focus on science, although some non-scientific projects are equally important.


政治角度:A花钱在非科学研究 B 政府决策更好 C 推动社会进步和稳定






Non-scientific research has a crucial role to play in social progress and stability as it inspires political leaders to formulate sensible policies. The development of human society depends largely on the extent to which individuals’ potential can be explored and resources are utilised fully. Countries enforced different policies in history on issues such as land ownership, farming, health care, urban planning and education, all of which achieved different outcomes. Postgraduate research in disciplines such as history, sociology, politics and psychology can give insights into what policy works best to tap into the potential or citizens, including those talented scientists, thereby promoting social progress.


A 理科可以创造利润  B 很多企业可以投资  C 政府可以减少投资



解释:企业以利润为前提,愿意投资, 和大学建立合作的关系,资助研究人员去做一些科研项目


Another reason is that scientific research can attract private investors, instead of relying on public expenditure. As the budget for postgraduate research is limited, a more sensible choice is to focus on projects that are not commercially attractive. The discoveries of scientific studies can lead to innovations that improve productivity and add up-to-date features to products, thereby creating a new stream of revenue for investors. Profit-driven companies are willing to develop a partnership with graduate schools and provide funding in exchange for the co-ownership of some lucrative projects.


A 花钱在科学研究 B 科学发展 C 人们生活更好


解释: 很多发现可以应用到生活汇总,解决一些问题




On the other hand, it is reasonable to finance scientific projects that are of benefit to public well-being, especially when private funding is not available. Scientific progress has profound implications for the quality of life but requires a huge expenditure of money, which is used for hiring researchers and buying equipment for experiments. Nothing can be achieved without trial and error, and government funding can keep these projects alive until they bear fruit with findings applied to solve some problems, such as the development of vaccines, clean energy and powerful machines. These tangible benefits may not be accomplished by non-scientific research.


In conclusion, I disagree with the idea of spending every penny on scientific research, although this kind of investment is necessary in some cases.



Scientific research has led to improvements in our living standards, so many people argue that a majority of government funds should be diverted to science-related research projects. I agree with them, but other areas of research are also worth money.

The public expenditure on scientific research can improve people’s living standards since it can promote technological development. Scientific projects give an insight into how the physical world operates and how to harness the resources available in the world. The groundbreaking findings of scientific research enable engineers and innovators to discover the innovative applications of some resources and invent something to benefit the masses. For example, the rearch on biology can lead to a development in new crop varieties, which can increase crop yields and fight hunger. These solutions allow people to live a healthy and happy life.

Another benefit is that allocating funds to scientific projects  can help boost the economy becaucse private companies can profit from the discoveries made by young scientists.The private sector do not have enough money to support research projects such as outer space exploration because these projects demand investment and do not provide an immediate financial payoff. If funded by public money, some of these projects can proceed to advance knowledge of different domains, such as the health condition of humans in zero gravity conditions. This kind of knowledge can inspire private businesses to produce highly competitive products, which can generate revenue and boost the overall economy.

On the other hand, I would argue that non-scientific research is also worth public money because it allows policy makers to understand the evolution of societies and to formulate the right policies. The research on some historical events can, for example, help political leaders avoid some mistakes and implement policies to prevent problems such as a financial crisis from happening again. Similarly, economists who receive funds from the government can conduct research on the economic impacts of demographic trends such as a baby boom and population ageing, and the findings of such projects can also aid in the government’s decision making.


In conclusion, I understand the benefits of focusing on scientific postgraduate studies, although some funding should also be provided for non-scientific projects that can help decision makers formulate social policies.

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